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First suggestions

Post by Soiken » Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:06 am

I've got a couple of ideas in my mind to improve the gameplay for all of us and give you some work to do since You might be a little bit bored between 4 and 5:30pm everyday (maybe).

Main farming:

The idea behind this is to allow people different ways of farming, besides archer spam we'd be able to get important/expensive/rare items with our main accounts.

A new map would be necessary with monsters scattered all over it, level 135 monsters with say 18k HP with a high chance of rare drops

Something like this:
DrunkOgre level 135 [respawn time 30sec, 20 on map]

15% chance for a MetScroll<br/>
10% chance for a DB<br/>
1% chance for a DBS<br/>
1% chance for a +3 stone<br/>
0,5% chance for a Clean Water<br/>
0,5% chance for a random Refined gem<br/>
0,1% chance for a MoonBox<br/>
0,1% chance for an Enchanted Key
RidiculouslyDrunkOgre level 137 (King) [respawn time 60min, 2 on map]

20% chance for a DBS
8% chance for a +4 stone
4% chance for an Enchanted Key
1% chance for a +4 stone (can drop two)
0,1% chance for a HeartJade

This could also work as a private map, where you buy out exclusive access to it and have it all for yourself for an hour at say 10m gold entry fee.

DBZone, Vote Points reward.

You can buy a ticket (4VP) which can be used to enter a private DBZone where rabbits have a 1% chance to drop a DB and 0,1% chance to drop a DBS, you enter it for 5 minutes only once a day. Say 30 rabbits with a 5sec respawn time in a zone the size of PKArena.

It can be entered only once a day to prevent any forms of vote cheats etc. Also prevents people from abusing it.

Random mob (random grill)

Random mob spawns in a random location at random map once every hour, he's weak like shit but stole some good from our beloved god-king Vladimir. It could also be a random reward NPC that you simply have to click at, would prevent any botters to get the rewards. Rewards would be automatic, not a drop to prevent theft.


Always a DBScroll +
20% 5x DBScroll
10% Enchanted Key
5% HeartJade
1% Random -5 1soc item (could be a weapon, could be an armor)
1% Random super gem (Tortoise, Phoenix, Dragon)
0,1% 100m gold

Daily guild boss

A daily boss that can be spawned using a ticket that can be obtained from a new NPC (that will deal with guild events etc.) at 100m funds.

HP: 65k
Def: 65k
Atk: 500

25% chance for one of the following to drop :

2x HeartJade (unsellable)
10x DBScrolls
1000x Meteors
3x Random Super Gem

100% chance to drop one of the following:

1x Moonbox
10x Emerald
5x UberExpPot

Members ganging up on an enemy in order to obtain rewards which will help everybody, only GL having access to the rewards to prevent theft.

Kings are Kings, not pushovers.

Increase all Kings stats and give them a boost to drop, let them drop things like DBScrolls, refined gems, clean water. Change respawn time to 3 hours.

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